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Window Shoji Info

These thin shoji are removable

Window treatments using shoji techniques are very effective in creating a harmonious space to relax in.

If you are having problems with nosey neighbours, or just want to block the strong sunlight from heating up your room, think about installing shoji panels over the back of your existing windows. You will also lower your heating bills in Winter and aircon costs in Summer.

Window shoji treatments come in 2 categories: premium and budget.

Our premium offering is a complete sliding window within its own frame, with 2 half-depth shoji panels sliding left and rightor up and down. The inner shoji windows can easily be opened, giving access to the glass windows behind.

For those on a budget, the image shows a simple one-piece shoji panel that attaches to the inside of the window frame with small pieces of velcro. Removal is simply a matter of gently pull on the shoji frame and putting it to one side. These panels are very light, so replacement is easy.

One-piece shoji window coverings can also be used across skylights, to soften and diffuse the harsh Summer sun.
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