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Why Shoji?

Shoji screens and window-coverings provide a translucent filter that gives any room a soft and subtle ambience, together with a feeling of tranquillity and serenity. This is especially the case in Australia, where our harsh sunlight floods into any north-facing room, causing overheating and damaging furniture, floors, carpets and plants.

They also provide a privacy barrier, used instead of curtains to block the unwanted attention of neighbours, or to hide unsightly views, without sacrificing light.

With the high cost of housing, many Australians are turning to Japanese shoji screens and ranma as a means of dividing their living spaces to create a new room.

The design and look of your new shoji will provide your rooms with an intimate feeling that blends well with most modern and older styles.

Fitting shoji screens can also dramatically reduce heat and cold, and the associated energy costs, reducing your carbon footprint.

In Australia shoji are as relevant as they are in Japan. The styles of our homes may differ from those in Japan, but the sense of calm and serenity produced by the filtered light of a shoji is a desirable relaxing attribute in our stressful daily lives.

Another common use for shoji is to remedy any negative feng shui influences in a home.

Shoji made for a medical practice
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