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Washi Sales

We order genuine original Japanese Warlon washi paper directly from Japan for use in all our shoji products and our lamps. This washi has wonderful translucent light qualities as light passes through it and has many artistic uses.

The high import and freight costs normally discourage private sale of washi in Australia, but because we buy in large quantities, we're able to offer washi at reasonable prices.

There are many different washi types available of different designs, colours and thicknesses, but for economic reasons we have limited ourselves to the import of the most popular type: a thin opaque plain washi with no silky threads or other patterns.

Our washi is 0.2mm thin and sold in full sheets only.

Sheet 1: 930mm x 1850mm (36.5" x 72.5") - $47.00

Sheet 2: 930mm x 2450mm (36.5" x 96") - $59.00
sample washi paper

Our washi is an advanced form of the original pure paper, laminating the paper between 2 layers of very thin PCV, which preserves the light quality while making it easy to clean and much more difficult to break. It is also fire-retardant.  

Orders of 1-5 sheets will be packed in 1m-long tubes and dispatched by AusPost, priced by weight. Email us at for larger quantities.

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