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How the lounge tea-room looked at start

Japanese Tea Room/Bedroom

Client's brief:
Construct an authetic replica of a Japanese tea room within a conventional lounge that can be used as an occasional guest bedroom.

Build a fully-contained 4.5-tatami Japanese room with fusuma at the rear, an alcove and shoji on the remaining two sides. All this will rest on a raised platform and extend up to the ceiling.
The raised platform will have the 4.5-tatami base, allow for shoe storage and other items, as well as housing the lower fusuma and shoji tracks.
A simple alcove with shelving will provide an ikebana or art display, extending to block off the fireplace.
3 reversible full-height fusuma panels at the rear will block off the existing street windows and provide noise and thermal barriers, as well as privacy.
Sliding shoji on the remaining two sides can be slid back to completely expose the room for viewing, or close for use as a bedroom.
An ornate ceiling with wooden panels will complete the illusion, and subtle concealed lighting will be built in to set the mood in the evening.

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