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An ornate tea-room with centre footwell

Older, more traditional Japanese homes would usually have an area set aside for the tea ceremony. Even in big, modern cities in Japan, one room in an apartment is often set aside and fitted-out as a tea-room. This concept is now being emulated across Australia.

What's a tea ceremony? It's a highly stylised ritual performed along rigid guidelines that allow the person to make just not a cup of tea, but the perfect cup of tea. The practitioner must controll their mind, body and spirit to focus only on the perfection of achieving that end. Perhaps it's not really about the tea but rather the discipline - practitioners say they will actually never make that perfect cup.

A proper ceremony has to take place in a space that has wa (harmony), is tranquil and doesn't distract from the task. Our designer will guide you through the process to achieve these attributes. The tatami absorbs sound and smells pleasant, the shoji diffuses light and looks great and the wood tones calm the mind.

A tea-room can also be used for other art forms requiring focus and concentration, such as shodō(calligraphy), ikebana (flower-arranging), or perhaps just to read a book or meditate in the right environment.

Find a space in your home and let us do the rest - we will design and install a tea-room for you. Our clients have used everything from a spare corner in an apartment to part of a lounge, a complete room or even a teahouse in the garden. These tea-rooms also make great guest bedrooms - just add a futon!

A typical tea-room will have a raised floor surround containing a set pattern of tatami mats. The minimum is a 3-tatami room (about 1.8m x 2.7m), with various patterns up to 10 tatami and more. Sliding floor-to-ceiling shoji will define the sides of the tea-room, finished with a panelled ceiling, and perhaps even an alcove, ranma and fusuma if desired. You may also want a raised, or floating, base with pop-up centre table with foot-well and futon storage compartment.

We will present you with 3-D modeling to allow you to visualise and adjust the design before construction begins. You can then look at the design from every angle, inside and out, before finally committing.

Your Japanese tea-room design will then be constructed, delivered and installed by us, at an agreed price and date.
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