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Ordering Shoji

We provide a one-stop service: consultation, design, fabrication and fitting. This allows us to provide you with a 5-year residential warranty on our interior products, because we know that every stage has been done professionally and correctly. It also gives you the assurance that the end result meets your expectations.

It takes many hours to cut out the intricate joints, finish the wood and attach the paper by hand - all to the highest standard - for each screen. The finished screens are something you will want to be proud of - and that takes time! The shoji lamps are so intricate that each takes several days to complete. Shoji are hand-made to fit your requirements, which means that the pricing for each project will vary.

Use our Contact Page for a free estimate on pricing, which will allow you to make an informed decision on whether our offering is suitable for you.

You may find cheaper shoji, but, as with everything, you get what you pay for! Please consider this when evaluationg and deciding.

The final cost can only be determined after a short visit to your site, where we will discuss your project with you, listen to your ideas, make suggestions, explain any technical aspects and accurately measure the areas concerned. This data is then compiled into a detailed binding quotation and returned for your consideration.

Download a Sample Quotation.

We also provide supply-only projects to those outside our installation area. Distance requires a bit more communication, but our sketches and technical support should ensure that your shoji are installed locally as well as if we did them ourselves. Our couriers will then ship the finished panels, hardware and installation instructions to you, wherever you are.                        
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