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At Shoji Studio we use for all our projects Western red cedar from sustainable plantations in Canada.

Cedar is a softwood which has lovely warm varied colouration and grain, which darkens slightly with the passing years.

Construction involves precision wooden joints - no screws or metal are used anywhere. They are extremely light: a 2m x 1m panel weighs only about 5kg.

The design criteria that make up the final look of your new shoji screen are: the frame, the lattice (kumiko), the paper (washi) and the finish. You can specify each of these when you order.

The frame of your new shoji screen is pre-determined by the available space and the paper size, as well as strength and durability.

The lattice can be one of many different designs, Click here for examples Kumiko. Alternatively, why not suggest your own design?

You will need to choose a washi paper to suit the screen, the location and your taste. We import and use only original Japanese washi, and there are many different designs and types of this paper available - the principal differences of which are appearance, wearability, colour and pattern. We will present you with your options when we visit.
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