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Fusuma panel

4-panel themed japanese washi paper

Fusuma (foosoomah) are sliding and removable panels used to create and define a space within the home, creating a room. They are the opaque alternative to shoji: they can't be seen through and therefore afford a measure of privacy and sound insulation inside a room. They are the "walls" of the room that let no light through and are used in conjunction with shoji for that reason.

Inside the fusuma frame is a structurally rigid, lightweight wooden sketetal core that resists warping. Paint or paper is then applied and dark beading (fuchi) added to the outside edge. They are lightweight and can easily be removed and stacked to one side.

While often papered in a simple pastel colour, they can also be highly ornamental, depicting scenery and seasonal motifs across several panels, thus giving the sense of looking out of a window.

The construction allows the paper to be periodically changed, whether worn or damaged, or because a new look is desired, much the way wallpaper is changed in a western home. Consider also applying a different colour or motive to each side of the fusuma, allowing for an instant change in look or mood by simply reversing it.

Tip: consider using fusuma as sliding built-in cupboard doors.
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