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Cedar Wood Finishes

Lovely grain in cedar

Most shoji and fusuma in Japan are made using cedar, a wood known for its beautiful grain and lightweight characteristics, as well as being resistant to insect damage and damp. Lacquer or varnish is not usually applied to the finished panels in Japan, which allows direct human contact with the wood. Japanese people have a deep respect for many everyday objects and consequently more care is taken with them.

This approach is not practical in Australia, where doors can become damaged or dirty over time. At Shoji Studio, we have decided to always apply a permanent protective coating to all our products for this reason.

Our cedar wood for shoji and fusuma can be finished in several ways: clear lacquered, painted black, or any other colour of your choice. We do not recommend the use of wood waxes in the Australian environment.

All of our varnishes and paints are water-based acrylic: this means little environmental contamination and very low VOC (solvent emission) - good news for asthmatics and  those with allergies!
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