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Byōbu (free-standing shoji panels)

See how byobu are used to divide a space

Byobu (bee-oh-boo) are free-standing versions of shoji panels. Unlike their sliding or fixed counterparts, they can be placed anywhere in the room, perhaps in front of a window to provide privacy from neighbours, or to partition a lounge as shown, while still being able to look over the top.

Byobu can be individually separate, supported by small feet, or several can be connected by hinges or clips and folded away when not in use.

Their design can range from simple to elaborate kumiko design and byobu are not usually made very high, so they don't easily topple. We even make them in the solid fusuma style, using traditional or modern fusumagami on the interior panel.

A pair of byobu would even provide a handy way of hiding a small study area under a starcase, or in an unused corner - just pull away one of the screens to enter!

Also worth mentioning is the fact that byobu are very light and therefore do not present a hazard to children should they fall over.
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