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Before starting balcony shoji

Balcony Door Shōji

Client's brief:
Remove and replace the old and tired balcony doors with new, modern cedar ones, retaining the original style. Instead of opening inward, the new doors are to open outward, folding back against the outside wall. The lower section of each door and fixed panel will be replaced with double-glazing, as will the upper sections and transom.
Provide shoji to adjust the amount and degree of light and views visible to match the mood and occasion, as well as privacy.

Construct four separate full-height shoji box window frames on the back of each door/panel, each containing fixed lower and variable upper double-hung, half-depth shoji panels that can be slid up or down seamlessly and remain there.
The transom will have a fixed shoji panel mounted on the back, extending to a ranma up to the ceiling.
The kumiko pattern will be carefully chosen to complement the tall and narrow profile of the doors and the street appeal.

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