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Shoji Studio Hōme

We are a boutique joinery that specialises in the manufacture and installation of Japanese sliding doors, fusuma, tea-rooms and window-coverings in the Greater Sydney area.

Our products are not imported - we make them ourselves from the highest quality materials; handmade and finished to provide you with an enduring home investment. You will find no fibreglass panels here - instead we prefer to maintain the authentic original shoji experience by using tough Japanese washi paper.

Shoji (show-gee) are wooden frames containing a patterned lattice (kumiko: coo-mee-co) that supports translucent paper. They provide a soft light and give the room a sense of serenity and relaxation; they can also be used to cover a window or as a room divider.

Fusuma (foosoomah) are the opposite of shoji: they are solid and no light can pass through them. Used in conjunction with shoji, they are the main components of a traditional Japanese home. Elsewhere, both shoji and fusuma are used extensively in tea rooms and room dividers.
A six-panel sliding shoji layout
Because each client's individual needs and tastes differ, shoji are custom-made to fit a particular space, making each screen unique.

Whether you are planning a new home, have a renovation in mind, or are just tired of the usual blinds and curtains, consider using shoji. If you are looking for something different to add an exotic, yet relaxed feel to your space, add a touch of class to your home and increase its value by installing shoji.

We provide a full-service delivery model, providing you with concept plans, detailed sketches, binding quotations and installation. Because we carry out each stage of manufacture and delivery from enquiry to installation, you have the assurance that you get exactly the quality product that you agreed to. No mistakes, no damage, no wrong finishes and no botched installation.

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